Matthew Dickason

Matthew Dickason - CFO with Background in Real Estate Law

A business professional in Wellington, Ohio, Matthew “Matt” Dickason joined US Screen Co. as chief financial officer in 2020. In this role, he oversees sales and operational goals for the family manufacturing company based in Wellington, Ohio. Additionally, Matthew Dickason helps the company implement an effective business plan and revamp inefficient or inadequate data systems.

Mr. Dickason has a background in real estate and corporate law, including 13 years as managing attorney with the Dickason Law Group in Atlanta, GA, which comprised more than 80 attorneys. Under his leadership, the full-service real estate closing firm guided startup and mid-sized companies in drafting contracts, acquiring and developing raw land, and closing commercial and residential transactions.

A graduate of Ohio University, Matt Dickason holds a bachelor of arts in interpersonal communications, as well as a juris doctor from the Walter F. George (Mercer) School of Law in Macon, GA. Outside his professional pursuits, he maintains an interest in mental health and personal motivation. He also enjoys visiting Ohio attractions with his wife and children.

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Matthew Dickason
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